Twitter test response thread and Facebook status indicator

Twitter tests new features and feels more conversation.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday presented two new features that the platform "plays" to make it more conversational. They call themselves threading.

The response thread displays a response as a nested indented tweet similar to Facebook or Reddit. Some answers include color codes.


Twitter tests the response thread (note the indent and color code) and presence (note the green point that the user is online).

"At the moment there is purple called OT (original tweeter!), And blue written as" "to Mr. Sara Haider, Product Manager Tweet that she posted for comments on the tested features. Dorsey Retweet this tweet.

Presence is essentially a status indicator. In the green circle of the profile picture, "You are looking for a conversation online," Haider says. Facebook Messenger and Instagram provide similar functionality.

Haider pointed out that the feature was approximate and pointed out, "I feel more conversation here … it is still early and repetitive."

The first return on Twitterverse looks like lukewarm water in the answer and is wary of its existence. The user wants to confirm that the presence function can be disabled.

"Knowing that someone is online has a much more negative impact than positive ones," explains the user. Charles Arthur muttered in response At Haidar's post "Stack On, Targeted Attack, All

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Twitter test response thread and Facebook status indicator

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