Twitter tested the list of people who will not follow

Twitter tested the list of people who will not follow

Twitter has tested the functionality suggesting that the user abstains. The Next WebMatt Nabara of the day check slate. The test lasted only a few days, slate He is drawing a conclusion. "We know that people are seeking the relevant Twitter calendar, one way to do this is to keep track of those who are not regularly involved," he said in a Twitter statement. "We did an incredibly limited test on the account on the surface we saw as not seeing whether people would prefer to obey them"

Although apparently harmless at a glance, Twitter is now controversial about knowing liberal prejudice alongside other social networks and technology companies. President Donald Trumph and other right-wing personality says the platform is unjustly persecuting conservative voice and media Through practices like shadow banSuppression of verification and inhibition, and misalignment of algorithms. (Evidence is mainly overestimated, using thin evidence and distortion of the definition of terms such as shadow ban).

This week, Mr. Trump strengthened the attack on high-tech companies and yesterday triggered a confused question from members of the White House and Congress, suggesting that Google's search results are biased toward conservatives. It actually happens. Later in the day, Trump confused Facebook and Twitter with Google and the company said it is "a difficult area" and "pay attention" so that the US government probably will not regulate them. However,…

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Twitter tested the list of people who will not follow

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