Uber limits the search of international cities hosting "flying taxis".

On Thursday, Uber announced a candidate list of countries where the future market for its flying taxi service is thought to be started soon. Uber Air is known for its service, aims to start a demonstration flight in several cities of 2021 and to operate a taxi by 2023. Delivery to that service Uber Eats.

Last year Uber designated Dallas and Los Angeles as the first two cities. Today, the company said that five countries are being considered in three countries: Japan, France, Brazil, Australia and India. (Originally Dubai was elected as the first international city of Uber, but this market eventually failed).

Uber looks back on its origins as a sophisticated automobile service and a new means of transportation, such as bikes, scooters, and even "aircraft". Although the air taxi is only 2 years old, the company has already held two very popular summits and has dozens of partners with aircraft manufacturing, battery technology, real estate and government regulations.

The potential route of Uber Air in Tokyo.
Photo: Uber

Certainly, the technology leading to Uber's air taxi network is still in operation and we will not leave the test phase for a while.

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Uber limits the search of international cities hosting "flying taxis".

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