Uber's diversity manager confuses the news of 2021 – News

News Disrupt of 2021, Uber & # 39; s Bo Young Lee, CEO of diversity inclusion, plans to talk with us about Carpour company's efforts to detoxify corporate culture and promote a more comprehensive environment for car pool. employee.

After leaving Marsh LLC's insurance company, he was hired as the company's first diversity and integration manager in January last year.

Uber apparently had problems with promoting comprehensive culture but made public efforts to show that they are actively working to promote in-house change, starting with at least 2017 The culture of the company that seems to be peaceful of 2021. Nonetheless, even after Lee's adoption, there are still many moves in diversity within the company.

In April the company announced its first diversity report under Uber's new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and slightly improved the proportion of its women (38%).

In June, the company's brand leader Bozoma St. John left the company and interviewed the news that Uber added improvements, but there still remain things to do. Mr. John said, "I do not say that business culture has recovered 100%." "That is the place he should be today, this is not the case.

Chief person in July …

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Uber's diversity manager confuses the news of 2021 - News

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