UK Consumers Love Apple Pay: Research

UK Consumers Love Apple Pay

I would love to use Apple Pay online, but unfortunately, sites like Amazon and eBay do not support it. Maybe I need to expand my buying horizon. Additional statistics:

First, the British are consummate followers of online shopping and food delivery. Two-thirds of Britons have used e-commerce sites like ASOS and Amazon in the past year alone.

The British are also more enthusiastic about food delivery services like Deliveroo and UberEATS. According to Stripe’s research, one in five has ordered food from these services, compared to the United States, where this figure drops to one in ten.

Once you have entered your payment information and have it registered with Apple Pay, the use of the payment service is fast. Ease of use is probably one of the biggest statistics to consider when it comes to shopping.

A study by Stripe shows that 27% of UK consumers use Apple Pay online, compared to 14% in the United States.

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