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US Government Reportedly Wants Facebook To Help Wiretap Messenger

We can say that Facebook has always been in a gray zone with its economic model. On the one hand, it’s very popular and almost everyone you know probably has an account, but on the other hand, it was caught using dubious practices regarding user data and the confidentiality.

Today Reuters reports that the US government is trying to force Facebook to break its own encryption with its Messenger application so that law enforcement can listen to the voice conversations of potential suspects. Facebook is apparently fighting against the request of the US Department of Justice.

The judge in the Messenger case heard on Tuesday a motion by the government that Facebook is accused of contempt for refusing to execute the request for surveillance, according to sources, who requested anonymity.

While Apple and Facebook do not generally agree, it seems that the social media giant seems to be changing its tone of confidentiality with this one. If the government achieves this, its potential impact is enormous, because it can exploit applications such as WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, or request data from other companies, encrypted or not