US intelligence agencies can help us further fight voter interference – News

Facebook Sheryl Sandberg 's board of directors acknowledged that a major social media company may be making more efforts to prevent interference with overseas platforms, but the government also stressed the efforts of sharing information It should be strengthened.

Prior to the Senate Committee's Wednesday hearings, Google's Larry Page was invited to testify against Somberg's general manager and Jack Dorsey against foreign interference and election interference on social media platforms However, attendance was refused.

"We were too late to find it and it was too late to act," Sandberg said. "It's ours"

This hearing is brought about as a result of the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Social media companies are trying to influence the results of the elections later this year for foreign actors who are supposed to work closely with the Russian government or the Russian government,

Facebook and Twitter deleted accounts and bots from sites that seem to be involved in disseminating misinformation or fake news. Google said last year that he found an effort of Russia 's intervention on that platform.

"We are seeking and fighting against our enemies, from financially motivated troll farms to advanced military information operations.

But Facebook vice president also said the US government could do more to help companies understand the larger image.

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US intelligence agencies can help us further fight voter interference - News

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