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VR missing link? A killer application that convinces us to purchase

Chika Umeadi may be wrong about what's wrong with today's virtual reality, as a child.

At first glance he seems to be the ideal candidate to buy a VR helmet. This is an application developer and a technician. He likes video games. He says he is 30 years old, single, has means to exaggerate when he wants.

However, despite Chicago trying out his friend's VR equipment over and over and he was on the famous Magic Reef Mix Reality helmet released in August, he purchased his equipment I was not convinced.

"He is currently on my priority list," he says. "There is no reason to buy"

According to industry officials, what is missing is an application that is not customary, a thrilling experience for everyone to try it and perhaps buy one of them.

As a result, according to observer SuperData Research data, it is expected that only 8.7 million headsets will be purchased this year (7.1 million last year, 6.7 million in the previous year). This includes Oculus VR's $ 399 lift headset that was launched of 2020 two years after Facebook's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg acquired over $ 200 million. Dollar.

It does not seem like there was not a good virtual reality experience. One of the most popular games at the moment is Beat Saber. This will screen the songs with a $ 20 rhythm game. It became a selling VR game on popular Valve Steam Store. People who actually shoot have recorded millions of views on YouTube.

But with these successes, the funds available to finance developers, game studios, and other people working in these killer apps seem to be running out.

Risk finance of consumer VR software companies

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VR missing link? A killer application that convinces us to purchase

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