Vtrus launches drone to inspect and protect warehouse and factory

Obviously knowing what is going on in a warehouse or facility is essential for many industries, but regular inspection requires time, expense and personnel. Why do not you use drone? Vtrus can use computer vision to safely navigate compact UAV in an indoor environment as well as create detailed 3D map that inspectors and workers can consult autonomously and in real time.

Vtrus announced its hardware platform (current prototype) and its own SLAM software (simultaneous localization and mapping) in the News Disrupt SF as a startup battlefield wildcard.

Vtrus technical director Jonathan Lenoff said that drone-based services for security and outdoor imaging already exist, but said these solutions are useful because of the large error margin. Whether you are looking for a house or intruder that is open outside the fence, it does not matter whether it is 25 feet or 26 ft. However inside the warehouse and production line, it is counted in every aspect, imaging needs to be done on a fine scale.

As a result, dangerous and time-consuming inspections, such as inspection of lighting wiring and inspection of rust under raised pavements, must be done by people. Vtrus can not save these people from work, but can save you from danger.

The drone creates a map using depth detection, navigates and obstructs obstacles.

The current drone called ABI Zero is equipped with a series of sensors ranging from regular RGB cameras to 360 cameras and a structured luminosity sensor. As soon as he takes off he will start mapping a wonderful environment …

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Vtrus launches drone to inspect and protect warehouse and factory

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