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What a difference a year makes: Apple Series 4 versus Series 3

If upgrading old Apple to the new 4 series and planning the first direct comparison.

This comparison focuses on the new 40 mm model. This is against the Apple Series 3 42 mm and you can see how the size, function, and function evolved.


The new 40 mm has drastically become smaller from the last year as it approached the 38 mm model, but the actual display area is larger than the version older than 42 mm.

There is a change also behind Apple incorporating the new cardiac sensor into the ceramic housing.

Except for this improved back and maximum display area, the most noticeable hardware design change is speaker. They are much bigger and occupy the entire surface of Series 4. At least due to this change, the microphone is moving to the opposite side of the digital crown and side knob. Apple says speaker echo will be reduced during a call.


The 4 series are larger than the 3 series and the previous series, but the size of the bracelet has not been changed. If you purchase a 38 mm Series 3 and purchase tapes, these tapes will perfectly fit the new 40 mm Series 4. And the same applies to the old 42 mm model.


During the setup process, the new Heart Health details screen will show you that you will be notified when your heart rate is too high or too low.

Similarly, there is a notification screen detailing SOS emergency function and fall detection function.

Also on these additional information screens, Series 4 configuration is much faster than Series 3 configuration.

Raise your face

A revised digital crown with haptic feedback will scroll through the various faces available. This mechanism gives the impression that sound comes out as small pod rotates, but it is not so. Each motion is generated by a haptic motor that sends vibration to the user's finger via the crown. This movement is combined with on-screen visual cues for visceral experience close to the traditional crown found in many mechanical applications.

The new crown is thinner than the old version. This difference, coupled with haptic feedback, rather disappoints returning to Series 3.

Another difference is that the side buttons are perfectly aligned with the series 4 body and the series 3 side buttons draw a considerable amount.

Overall, the new series 4 will be …

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