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Xbox One November Update Arrives With Google Assistant, Gamertag & More

Microsoft has started to roll out the November of 2020 update for Xbox One with some notable additions. For starters, the new update provides support for Google Assistant on the console, allowing users to control it with any device using Assistant.

Although the wizard will not run on the console, users will still be able to ask Google to launch games and apps, turn the console on or off, pause videos, and more. However, not everything comes in the update. Microsoft is also launching its new Gamertag system.

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Players can now choose any Gamertag and use numbers similar to Discord or at the end. Microsoft has added the ability to change your Gamertag to anything earlier this year, but it is now fully supported on friend’s consoles, messages, LFG, and so on.

Finally, the November of 2020 update brings the new text filters of the Xbox. Microsoft unveiled the filters last month, which should help prevent toxicity on Xbox Live. There are four levels of filters: “Friendly,” “Medium,” “Mature,” and “Unfiltered.” Friendly is most child-friendly and filters out any potentially offensive messages. Unfiltered, however, works a bit like before Xbox Live Mail.