Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro in the Geekbench listing confirms that the Snapdragon 865, 8 GB of RAM, and Android devices-set of 10

“The Xiaomi Mi-10 Pro is expected to launch at the mobile world CONGRESS of 2020, on the 23rd of February, and will feature a 108-megapixel camera in the back.”

Xiaomi is set to launch its new flagship smartphone in the line-up, including the Mi a 10 to the series, at the upcoming Mobile World Congress of 2020. The new smartphone has recently seen a lot of leaks and rumors, which have shown that most of the smartphone’s specifications. Now there is a new entry in the Geekbench benchmark, the browser has seemingly re-confirmed a number of specifications, while also giving an indication of the nature of, and the performance of the device would be able to offer you.

According to the benchmark, the Mi-10 Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 865, SoC. It is equipped with 8 gb of RAM, and runs on the Android 10 operating system. That, however, is the same as what the benchmark is showing. The Geekbench screen shot shows the scores of 904 for the single-core performance, and 3,290 for the multi-core performance. However, since this is a pre-launch model, and it is likely that the Mi 10 The version of the production firmware now, and as a result, the overall performance will depend on whether it is running on its latest firmware.

The highlight of the Mi and the 10-series is expected to take place in the 108-megapixel rear-facing camera with Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright and ATTRACTIVE sensors. Aside from the camera, the Mi-10 Pro is expected to come with 5G connectivity and is also equipped with features like Wi-Fi, 6 In, Bluetooth 5.0, LPDDR5 of RAM, and the default algorithm 3.0 support. The storage and RAM options, it can be expected to begin on the 128 GB and 8 gb, respectively, and up to 256GB and a 12GB.

The Mi Is 10 Pro is also equipped with a punch hole and a camera on the front side, as illustrated by the teasers, and have been spotted in the leaked pages. While this makes for a compelling overall package, it is unlikely that the Mi and the 10-series is set to be launched in India. The latest Mi flagship, which was launched in India, the Mi-5, and after that, Xiaomi has decided to hold on to the Redmi line-up of devices available in India.