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Xnspy Review: Top Trending Spyware App for iPhone of 2020

8 Total Score
The Bottom Line

It’s a killer app with state-of-the-art features that take digital monitoring to a whole new level. Xnspy offers iPhone monitoring by mining iCloud backups. Its remote functioning and affordable pricing create a perfect balance of tech monitoring.

  • Offering stealth monitoring, Xnspy promotes secret spying; sends instant alerts on your device when capturing texts, location, and contacts; a powerful yet intuitive user interface ensures both real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • No free trial version available; refund options are quite limited. Advanced Xnspy features require Jailbreak version to be installed. It does not let you set time limits to restrict phone usage.

Looking through the glass

Xnspy is one of the hottest spyware apps for iPhone in town. An emergence of this app in the monitoring spectrum has shaken up the dominance of other spy apps. It sticks to remote monitoring undetectably. Xnspy is specifically designed for covert monitoring, so it has diverse uses and possibilities.

The app is compatible with all iOS devices whether Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak. Installed once, Xnspy runs quietly in the background. It is comprehensive in its approach as it offers easy access to the information in target phone. All the data from the target phone is transferred to the user’s device via online console called, Dashboard Monitoring. This web-based control panel records everything that is happening on the target phone. The control panel updates the information by providing a live feed of various features of the target’s iPhone so that the user will be reported of the target activities instantaneously.

Installation and compatibility

Xnspy spyware app for iPhone offers a live demo to the users to learn the installation process and help them get familiar with the spying features and settings. It is indeed a cinch to install as it requires around 5 minutes for installation. It is both quick and easy. To begin spying, you need to choose a subscription package, based according to your needs and requirements.

Jailbreak iPhones require physical installation. You need to have access to the iPhone once so that you can install and download the app to the target phone. Non-Jailbreak iPhone is hassle-free as they do not require any installation. You only need iCloud login credentials of the target iPhone to begin spying. In this case, Xnspy is synced with the iCloud data which shows plenty of information. This is a much-preferred mode for less savvy users.

Pricing details

I believe pricing has a strong impact on the rating of a product and in this case, I believe it significantly increases the value of Xnspy. Though the refund policies are draconian, the feeling is improved due to affordable pricing. The app offers two subscription packages; Basic and Premium. The method of payment of either of these packages is monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Currently, Xnspy offers $8.33/month for the Basic edition and $12.49/month for the Premium package. The number of features available is greater in Premium package than the Basic one. Also, you must note that refunds are often denied to users based on false expectations. So you must think wisely before you subscribe the right package.

Xnspy Features

Offering preeminent features, Xnspy enables the users to safeguard their personal interests and those of their loved ones. Due to the change in dynamic trends and communication patterns, it has become a handy tool used by spouses, parents, and employers. Here are some of the ubiquitous features offered by the app.

  • Monitoring call logs

A complete record of all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls can be viewed through dashboard monitoring. Apart from the call log, the user can view the contact list, contact numbers, date and time stamp of each call, and call duration. If you do not recognize any number, you can watch-list that contact to view the frequency of calls from that particular number.

  • Reading texts and IM chats

The explosion of communication platforms has enabled people to stay updated with each other more regularly. Apart from text messages, Xnspy offers the user to monitor chat conversations on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, iMessages, etc. You can read not only the message content but also view any multimedia files (photos, videos, audio) if shared. To determine what your target is chatting about, you can watch-list specific keywords to keep a tab on any unlawful activity taking place.

  • Finding whereabouts of target

You can discover the exact location of your target through GPS tracking. Along with the address, a mapped view of the location is available to you on the control panel. You can also generate a virtual barricade for your target through geo-fencing. Mark certain places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe.’ If your target enters a dangerous place, you will receive instant alerts on your device.

  • Monitoring internet activities

Online behavior of the target can be tracked by browsing their internet history. You can view the web pages surfed by your target while accessing the iPhone. All the bookmark pages can also be viewed along with certain social networking apps including Instagram, Tinder, Kik, etc.

Add-ons in Xnspy that are much talked about

  • Geo-tagging in messages enables the user to determine the exact location of the message sender when a certain message was sent/received. Apart from monitoring the calendar entries, a to-do list of the target can be viewed. This feature is useful when monitoring employees, specifically.
  • Phone and surrounding recordings enable the user to not only record and listen to phone calls but also hear the in-room conversation taking place near your target.
  • Remote commands can be made by the user which include wiping data from target iPhone, blocking certain apps, lock the phone screen, taking live screenshots of target phone, etc. Conclusion Among the plethora of spyware apps for iPhone, Xnspy does a commendable job in fulfilling the needs of the potential users. It has imperfections just like other apps, but due to its extensive range of features, budgeted pricing, and responsive customer support, it is still ahead of the competition. Xnspy is indeed a sophisticated monitoring technique that ensures authentic and real-time tracking of each and every movement of the target.