You can now send music GIFs with Snapchat

You can now send music GIFs with Snapchat

GIF music provider TuneMoji announced that it is integrated with Snapchat. Internal business. This means that users who install the TuneMoji application can send clips to Snap stories or chats.

TuneMoji GIF adds a music layer (or voice sound) looped with GIF. TuneMoji works like Giphy with a searchable GIF database, and you can search by words, phrases, pictograms. Once you have selected the required music GIF, select the place you want to share. Snapchat is now an option.

The company was able to integrate with Snapchat using the new platform development kit Snap Kit. With the Snap Kit released in June, developers can incorporate the main features of Snapchat into their applications. But there is a limit. You can share TuneMoji GIF with Snapchat, but this can not be done with Snapchat itself. You need to push these GIFs from the TuneMoji application to Snapchat, which is a bit disappointing. TuneMoji's CEO James Maker explains that he is tackling tight integration with all messaging partners as well as Snapchat.

Even with this drawback, TuneMoji GIF is fun. So, if you want to catch Corgi's GIF at the edge of the beach set to your friend "Push It" on Salt-N-Pepa, you should be able to do it now.

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You can now send music GIFs with Snapchat

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