FEMA, Sending the First Presidential Police on Emergency Messaging System Test –

The Federal Emergency Management Agency tests a new presidential warning system this week allowing the President to send messages to all phones in the United States.

FEMA warned of being the first nationwide test of the presidential vigilance test with a notice, which allows the president to deal with the state in the event of a state emergency.

By using Wireless Emergency Alert System (WEA), anyone with cellular service needs to receive messages on their phone.

"This is a test of the radio emergency warning system nationwide, there is no need to do anything," a message sent to ET at 14:18 Thursday.

After a few minutes, the emergency alert system (EAS) broadcasts a similar test message on television, radio and wired video service.

Emergency alerts are not new, and warning systems have long been used and tested in the United States to alert citizens of local and regional accidents, such as AMBER alerts such as missing children and weather violence.

But the President's warning has not been tested yet. Unlike other alarms, citizens can not withdraw President Alert.

In 2006, with the adoption of the WARN Act under the Bush administration, the President sent alerts nationwide and created a state-of-the-art emergency alert system to replace the aging infrastructure. As these alerts are surprisingly (and as planned), this system aims to modernize the system of alerts for populations moving from more and more television to mobile technology.

These presidential alerts remain at the discretion of the President and can be sent for any reason, but experts are not very concerned about misuse of the system.

But the system is not perfect. At the beginning of the year, a warning that "the ballistic missile line is progressing", a false alert sent to the residents, a panic to Hawaii happened. The message said, "It is not exercise."

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FEMA, Sending the First Presidential Police on Emergency Messaging System Test -

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