Firefox bug crashes your browser and sometimes your PC

Two weeks ago, security researchers who found a bug that could potentially block all WebKit applications on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, another browser bug that may block Firefox's browser and operating system discovered.

This bug is only the latest addition to the Browser Reaper, a web portal set up by Sabri Haddouche, a software engineer and security researcher of encrypted instant messaging wire application.

Haddouche is researching the vulnerability of DoS as a hobby and identifies one with every major browser engine such as Chrome, Safari (WebKit), and Firefox.

A Firefox bug, the latest addition to Firefox, crashes the Firefox browse process on Mac and Linux systems and causes the browser to display a classic crash reporter popup window.

This bug is a bit more serious in Windows, as browsers crash as well as bugs are observed, the entire operating system is frozen, and users are forced to do a cruel restart.

DoS bug in Firefox, later Windows DoS bug

Image: ZDNet

In our experiments, DoS bugs worked on the latest stable version of Firefox, but it also worked with Developer and Nightly Firefox. This bug did not crash Firefox on Android instance ZDNetTest Firefox uses the WebKit engine on iOS, not the new Quantum engine. IPhone and iPad users will not be affected.

"The script will generate a file (blob) containing a very long filename and prompt the user to download it every millisecond," Haddouche said. ZDNet At an interview

"For this reason, Firefox and the child process's IPC channel (inter-process communication) are flooded in order to minimize the browser," the researcher added.

An HTML page with a concept that causes a bug is hosted on GitHub. Accessing this link does not block the browser, but only the source code of the test page is displayed.

Haddouche reported a bug to the Mozilla staff earlier this day. ZDNet Following bug reporting, users can learn more about Firefox's upcoming updates and details.

Mozilla released a new version of Firefox 62.0.2 with Friday, September 21, including 13 bugfixes. One of them is a security issue related to the SSL protocol and is considered "moderate" with respect to severity.

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