First iPhone XS teardown video reveals hidden secrets

The debut of iPhone XS will be tomorrow, but there is also a video showing that this device has been demolished. This will reveal some details about this smartphone as well as the first glimpse of the internal components.

The most unusual feature of Apple's new high-end model is definitely an L-shaped battery.

This can store 2658 mAh. This is slightly lower than the iPhone X's 2716 mAh battery, but Apple has promised that XS will last 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. Bionic processor.

Disassemble iPhone XS video

The disassembled FixjeiPhone is based in the Netherlands, but the video can be subtitled in English.

As expected for all types of Apple computers, the assembly requires a lot of glue. However, this could be a company side gesture to protect users from themselves.

The video passes through the entire disassembly process of each handset component. In the future, disassembling this iPhone XS may be a useful resource for third party repair service.

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