Fisher Price 4 in 1 Smart Connect Cradle n Swing Review

Experience innovation at its most interesting. Two swinging motions, side-to-side or conventional head-to-toe. Two soothing, rocking motions. Two-position recline. 16 songs and some nature sound. Overhead mobile with lights. All managed from your smart device. Baby, that’s genius.

Fisher Price’s new 4-in-1 Smart Connect Cradle in Swing is precisely what it appears like a smartphone-controllable baby swing. Utilizing the accompanying Smart Connect app (free for Android and iOS), mother and father can speed up, slow down, or stop the cradle without take a risking waking Junior by stepping on the squeaky floorboard.

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SmartSwing Technology provides six distinct swinging speeds from low to excessive so you will discover the proper rhythm to help soothe baby, whether swinging side-to-side (like a cradle) or head-to-toe. When babily’s ready to rock, just remove the rocker seat, set it on the floor and baby can get pleasure from both of two rocking motions.

16 songs, three nature sounds, and deluxe overhead mobile with light-up birdies (one with a mirrored belly) help maintain baby entertained for hours.


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The unit measures 29 x 20 x 19 inches and weighs 10.2 pounds. Unlike some models, it doesn’t fold up for simple storage and transportation, and it’s not as compact as another model. However, it may be carried from room to room with a convenient handle. It is suggested for newborns for babies weighing as much as 25 pounds (although, as with all products like this, if the kid is fat and healthy sufficient to begin to try to crawl out, it’s time to stop use). Included is a detachable newborn head and body support insert. The frame itself is healthy and dependable and gained tip over under regular use.


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  • Management swings speed, period, music, sounds, and light-up mobile from smart device.
  • Swing senses baby’s weight and having auto-adjusts feature, so it doesn’t slow as baby grows.
  • 16 tunes and three nature sound effects.
  • Seat can be utilized as transportable rocker.
  • Detachable mobile.
  • Select to swing only or any combination of swinging, music, and portable lights.
  • Rocks or glides head-to-toe or side-to-side.
  • Six rotating speeds and two reclining positions.
  • Machine-washable fabric seat pad and infant head of support.
  • AC adapter included, and accept 4 D batteries (not involve) for light, swing, and sounds services.

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Who Would Purchase This

New parents all the time welcome new ways to deal with their babies without doing it the hard way. Thankfully, technology has launched many inventions through the years. The downside is that they have also to be willing to spend more money than they need. In fact, they need a swing. Oh, and a rocker, too. That’s already two devices. However, with this new Fisher-Price product, they’ll save money as a result of they are going to be getting each, for the price of one!


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The Cradle ‘N Swіng іѕ аn progressive рrоduсt thаt offers parents full management juѕt bу utilizing thеіr ѕmаrtрhоnе or аnу ѕіmіlаr compatible dеvісе. Yеѕ, аlmоѕt all the things іѕ соntrоllеd by smartphones thеѕе days, аnd іt is good tо know that a rосkеr fоr уоur bаbу іѕ оnе like them.
But wait! The Cradle ‘N Swing іѕ nоt juѕt a rocker thаt wіll gеntlу rосk to рut your bаbу tо ѕlеер. This swing hаѕ twо motions: іt can ѕwіng frоm ѕіdе tо side, оr from hеаd to twо. A grand thаnkѕ to this SmаrtSwіng tесhnоlоgу, that аlѕо lets уоu pick thе speed аnd іntеnѕіtу оf ѕwіngіng. It іѕ аlѕо a rесlіnеr, реrfесt while уоur baby prefers tо just rеmаіn still whіlе in a rеlаxеd reclining роѕіtіоn.


Holding, cradling, or rocking the newborn are, after all, the very best ways to care of and bond with it. However, of course, that simply isn’t possible to perform whole time. When it becomes apparent that you’ve received any help, it’s time to switch to products like this one. Consumers should search for respected brand names, including Fisher-Price also suit that bill. Plus it’s also necessary to view for comfort use and apparently the most features packed in. For instance, you won’t know that rocking and gliding alone won’t be sufficient, and also you’ll be happy to take the vibration function. Perhaps you believe you can do without the music and sound results, but you’re liable to regret not having them out there down the way.

There are tiny, lighter, other moveable and less expensive products available in this ever-growing segment of, but it surely’s hard to imagine finding one of this class and by that level of utility and simplicity. Parents can anticipate a good long interval of usefulness from this, together with a happier, quieter baby.

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