Football Manager Touch 2018 is now available on Nintendo Switch

Football Manager Touch is now available on Nintendo Switch

SEGA and Sports Interactive have just announced and launched Football Manager 2018 on eShop for Switch. If you are not aware, SEGA has released two versions of Football Manager on mobile platforms with Mobile and Touch for phones (and tablets) and only tablets respectively. Touch for Switch has been optimized for the interface and control for the Switch, including Joy-Cons. This version is the first time 3D Match Engine can be played on a home console. Miles Jacobson, director of the Sports Interactive studio, commented on the publication:

"This is a new version for Football Manager, this is our first version of console for several years, but it is also our most innovative version of Football Manager Touch to date thanks to the different control methods we have put in place to allow everyone to play the Football Manager that suits him.It has been a huge technical success to bring Football Manager at Switch but, as a studio, we have adopted the unique design possibilities that the console offers.With the support we received from Hardlight throughout the development process, we were able to create an experience Football Manager who is just as …

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