Former Apple creative director rips into ‘needlessly complicated’ iPhone names

If you feel that you are not in the category of advanced technology and are a bit confused with the new naming convention of the latest iPhone model, you have a company. Apple's former creative director Ken Segall, who has worked closely with Steve Jobs, said the name of the new iPhone (XS, XR, XS Max, this year and 8, 8, 8 Plus, X, SE last year). It is "unnecessarily complex". In the new blog, every time a new iPhone's name comes up, people who gave the name of the original iMac and those who were closely involved in the famous "Think Different" campaign appeared as Apple's "battle with common sense" It seems to be doing.

"We are looking forward to announcing a new iPhone every September," I feel the meaning of asking myself what Apple is seeking "

In last year's model, there are "8, 8 plus, X, SE two numbers, Roman numerals, character palette, odd gaps between 8 and 10. In Apple technical terminology it is between 8 and X It is difficult to imagine just how the four product groups are gathered.

So, what does he think about the new model?

Well, first of all, he likes to share "X" as a common identifier with everyone. He also appreciates the fact that with the new release, the company surpasses the "iPhone SE name monster". However, Apple thinks it suffers from four naming problems.

One is to announce "S" model every two years. It unintentionally emphasizes that it is an Apple "year-round" model. He introduces misunderstandings as some of the most important updates from Apple, such as the introduction of Siri and Touch ID, have appeared on the model "S". "If you grow up as an innovator and compete with companies introducing a new generation each year, why do you believe your customers are away for years?

He continues talking about the problem of "X" or "10". This could confuse customers with what customers mean and what they actually say. And there is the introduction of "R". This does not immediately imply a specific meaning when associated with "X", in particular for normal customers.


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