Fortnite's Android installer has a security flaw in Epic – News

Google Epic Games decided to publish popular Fortnite for Android earlier this month on its own website instead of Google's Play Store. Unfortunately, the installer has a very dangerous security flaw, and a malicious actor was able to essentially install the software he wanted. Google wasted time precisely by pointing out this serious mistake.

As a brief explanation, why did Epic explain the intention of 'competing with Android software source'? The best thing is to "succeed based on the basis of merit". Everyone understood what he did, of course It meant Epic did not want to share cash income of my cow with Google. This accounts for 30% of in-app purchases.

Many users cautioned that there are security risks for several reasons, such as having to activate the application installation from an unknown source. In addition, the Play Store has other protection functions and visible functions useful for users.

I think that it also motivates Google's users as well as Epic games, but does not play a role in making decisions to consider the download and installation process. And you do not know, but they found a cousin just beside the bat.

In a thread posted one week after Fort Knight's downloader was released, a Google engineer called Edward explained the installer …

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Fortnite's Android installer has a security flaw in Epic - News

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