Fortnite’s newest update makes playing on iOS better than ever

Fourteen days He just got his first update in 2020, and although it looks like a small and insignificant release at first glance, he actually plays better than ever on iOS devices.

The update to version 11.40 now also supports the L3 and R3 buttons on the controller. And those who play on the iPad Pro can now use the super-fast gameplay with up to 120 frames per second.

We are right in the middle of the longest season Fourteen days Hi there. Chapter 2 started in mid-October last year and its second season is not scheduled until February. A season usually lasts only 10 weeks.

In addition, small spots were interrupted during the holiday season so that fans had no fear of changes. The update is 11.40 Fortnite is first of 2020, but boy was it worth the wait.

Fourteen days is butter-soft on the iPad

Today’s release makes the two massive improvements for mobile gamers. The first is full controller support, with the ability to use the clickable analog sticks (usually referred to as L3 and R3 buttons) on the controllers that have.

This includes the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers, which have been compatible with the iPhone and iPad since the release of iOS 13 last fall.

An even bigger improvement for those with a 2018 iPad Pro is the ability to play with a buttery smooth 120 Hz. This is the first time that Apple ProMotion display technology has been fully utilized.

To put this into context, it will generally be quite expensive to use a gaming PC (and a cheap monitor) to take advantage of 120 Hz. This is twice the refresh rate Fourteen days on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Other changes in version 11.40

Fortnite is The new update also offers the possibility to “sidegrade” weapons (instead of upgrading them). This is currently not possible with assault rifles. It also reduces the amount of materials you need to upgrade.

The full list of changes and corrections can be found on the official website Fourteen days Blog.

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