Forza Horizo ​​n 4: Each race has a season

The Forza Horizon n series of Xbox One promises a fourth entry with a car running, stunts, love, and a bigger and more immersive feeling than before. "Horizon" game is the most elegant of the Microsoft Studios series of the Forza Motorsport series, focusing on the culture and music around the car.

I recently advanced the draft of this title ahead and enjoyed the first one hour game. Here's what I learned

Four Dynamic Seasons

This time, Horizon Festival in the UK – Fictional travel music and a race festival are held. No, the open world map is not an accurate representation of Britain, but he says he can travel a little wider area than the small version of Australia.

A dynamic day and night cycle was introduced in the entry before the series and a new horizon was blown in the dynamic entry of the 4th season in the fourth entry. If you introduce a game that ends the autumn, winter, spring and summer races every season, players will have a first season experience.

After several tutorial missions, the game synchronizes online with the 4 season cycles shared by players all over the world. Each season lasts one week in real time and moves to the next season.

In the developer playground game, you can do the following according to the changing seasons.

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Forza Horizo ​​n 4: Each race has a season

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