French cyber-security agency open-sources CLIP OS, a security hardened OS

A cyber security national agent, also known as ANSSI (National Security Agency), has an open source CLIP operating system, a system for protecting the Internet. Internal exploitation that engineers developed to meet the needs of the French government.

In the press release, ANSSI explained CLIP OS as "Linux-based operating system". [that] It provides a very high level of tolerance to malicious code and integrates a set of security mechanisms to protect confidential information. "

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CLIP OS claims that the operating system employs a "partitioning mechanism" to separate public data and confidential data into two "fully isolated" software environments.

ANSSI claims that systems can be deployed on both security gateways and workstations, but there is no CLIP operating system for end users.

The agency says he is working on the CLIP operating system for over 10 years. ANSSI has already clarified details on the design of the CLIP OS at the security conference held in Rennes, France in 2015.

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The French Cyber ​​Security Organization has published versions 2 and 4 of the CLIP OS. Version 4 is a stable branch, but since all documents are only available in French, it is difficult to build for non-French users.

CLIP OS 5 released today is the latest version in alpha development stage. The documentation for this project is provided in English and is an ideal tool for beginners and outpatient developers.

ANSSI developers also has released 14 CLIP OS 4 modules, which are said to be "interesting from the security aspect because they can be reused outside the CLIP OS project".

These standalone modules include a plug-in authentication module (PAM) that restricts user access based on roles, a daemon that handles user management tasks, a lightweight TPM command line tool, and various libraries related to encryption It is.

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For details on access to OS CLIP source code, documentation, participation in future development, please refer to the CLIP OS official website.

Operating system code and document …

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