Galaxy A7 from Samsung one-ups Apple with three cameras

Although some Apple fans were considering paying MacBook prices on the iPhone due to camera upgrades, Samsung today announced a $ 3 camera smartphone of about $ 400.

Next year Apple is about to buy a 3 camera iPhone, but the 2018 Samsung Galaxy A 7 is the only cell phone with Huawei's P20 Pro and a third retrograde lens.

The Galaxy A7 will be released in Europe and Asia this autumn and will not be released in the United States. This announcement was announced before the product scheduled for October 11 was released. This means that Samsung can record 4 camera-equipped high-end cameras for big revelation.

Galaxy A7: decent camera specifications for budget buyers

The third camera of the midrange Samsung phone is probably insufficient to convince a serious iPhone photographer to change how it works. However, the ability of the camera deserves praise from consumers who are conscious of many budgets.

Apple's iPhone XS and Apple's XS Max are in front of the greedy users who are pre-ordering. The new iPhone is Apple's most expensive one, and the price ranges from $ 999 to over $ 1,400 depending on the model.

The price of 400 dollars is likely to make Samsung dominant in markets like India and China.

The specifications of the Galaxy A7 camera are shown below.

  • Main f / 1.7 wide angle rear lens with 24 megapixels.
  • Ultra wide angle f / 2.4 8 megapixel lens with 120 degree field of view.
  • A 5 MP depth lens, in conjunction with a 24 MP camera, provides a portrait of an adjustable background blur, a blur computer version.
  • Self-timer 24 MP front camera including adjustable depth of field.
  • Pixel binning combines the four pixel information into one to improve the expected quality and improve exposure, color, and detail. Samsung claims that pixel binning improves the image with low illumination.

The Supply Chain Indicator implies several smartphones that are being developed with multiple cameras. There is also a prototype of the future camera company Light. It welcomes 7 lenses and 9 lenses.

It is exciting for photographers who discover that they can rely more on cameras to supplement their work with conventional cameras. Combined with a more powerful sensor, you can improve the quality of the camera and extend the range of the telephoto lens.

Additional lenses can also enhance the enhanced reality technology of each camera.

Hope you like the news Galaxy A7 from Samsung one-ups Apple with three cameras. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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