Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside a woman’s purse

Two years ago, since the famous Samsung mobile phone "Galaxy Note 7", the battery accident including Samsung's mobile phone has not happened. After recalling, Samsung reviewed the quality assurance process of the battery and made the customer feel secure that consumed battery will be a thing of the past. Recently, Samsung Mobile director DJ Koh told reporters that the Galaxy Note 9 battery is safe. But it must have happened sooner or later. Samsung 's cell phone lit women's handbags. That was a whole new Galaxy Note 9.

Female, real estate agency Diane Chung appealed to Samsung New York. On September 3rd the phone "became very hot", Mr. Zhen was in the elevator showing court documents. She puts her cell phone in her bag, "She listened to whistling and noticed a dark smoke on her wallet.

She placed the bag on the floor of the elevator and made it empty and tried to burn his fingers by hand. "It got very panic," Mr. Chung began to break the buttons of the elevator as thick smoke became less visible.

Upon entering the lobby, she abandons her phone from the elevator and someone else grabbed the blur and put it in a bucket of water. # 39; water.

Chung said that he could no longer contact customers with this fire. She said that experience is "traumatic" and Samsung said he should have known that the phone is "defect". She is seeking damages from Samsung and is under a restraining order prohibiting the sale of Note 9.

Samsung is investigating this incident and claims that fire in Note 9 is an isolated incident. According to Samsung spokesperson, "We have not received any reports on similar cases related to Galaxy Note 9 devices, and we are investigating this case."

Regrettably the accident is unfortunate, but remember that there is always a theoretical risk that battery-powered electronic devices face battery problems such as fire and battery swelling. In most cases, the phone battery explodes because of damage, but I do not know yet whether this applies here. Anyway, it does not mean there is a flaw in Galaxy Note 9, we have not seen other fire coverage note 9 yet. But it is certainly not so good for Samsung because it is the Note 9 phone.

Image source: Zach Epstein, BGR


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