Galaxy S10 will be packed with exciting new tech, but this is the best leak yet

The sequel to Samsung's most troubling flagship smartphone will be the company's most exciting flagship smartphone for many years, and perhaps someday. The Samsung Galaxy S 9 and the Galaxy S 9 + do not hit Android fans, so there is a reason that it is not really a mystery. Mobile phones are almost the same as last year's Galaxy S8 and S8 +, but do not include new features that may offset recycled designs. Fortunately, Samsung has truly special on the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S line.

Samsung Galaxy S10 plans to completely redesign its mainstay Android products both inside and outside the company. This is said to be the first mobile phone with ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the screen of Samsung, equipped with a new triple lens camera on the back. Samsung and Qualcomm's first 7 nm chipset will supply power to mobile phones with next generation RAM chips. This is also a new evolution of the Infinity Display design, featuring a full screen design like the phone that other companies had sold in the past year. Although it does not matter, the last leak of Galaxy S10 may be the best for Android fans.

Well, if Android fans dislike other than anything else, well … literally, everything about Apple. That's why in 2018 it was a difficult year for Android fans. Almost all Android mobile phone makers on the planet are copying Apple's iPhone X design in 2017. Inside of Entential fans are displayed in front of Apple. Of course, most Android fans have not been crazy all the time, and you can check exactly how many times the Android mobile phone maker copied it.

Ironically, one company did not copy Samsung, Apple's iPhone X's design. Why is it ironic? Samsung is literally writing a book on a copy of Apple. However, since the release of iPhone X more than a year ago, this notch can not be found on all smartphones released by Samsung. Samsung has become a safe haven for Android fans who refuse to purchase mobile phones that duplicate Apple's design, and now there is good news. In the near future, Sa msung mobile phone will continue to be free.

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Hope you like the news Galaxy S10 will be packed with exciting new tech, but this is the best leak yet. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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