Gaming community reacts to Florida's shooting – News

The online gambling community reacts to mass shoots that occurred at Madden 19 tournament held in Jacksonville, Florida. The report contains shooting games and their victims involved in the attack.

The policeman confirmed that he was a 24-year-old man from Baltimore.

According to the online account, the two victims killed by the shooter were Elijah Clayton living in Los Angeles submitted as True – 818 and husband and father Taylor Robertson known as Spotmeplzz.

Robertson of Ballad of West Virginia performed 18 matches with Madden 's community.

In a statement announced tonight, the Jacksonville Ministry of Security said three people including gunman were killed. Eleven shooting victims were reported, taken to a local hospital, all were reported in a stable condition.

"Our thinking and prayers will be with the victims and their families all touched by this crazy act …

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Gaming community reacts to Florida's shooting - News

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