Garmin's new fitness tracker monitors your blood oxygen level

Garmin saved his revelation of a new Vivosmart fitness tracker for IFA this year. In Vivosmart 4, "Ox 2 pulse oximeter" to measure blood oxygen saturation is added.

I tried an oximeter when a doctor or a nurse attached a small accessory to my finger. In the case of Garmin, the oximeter attempts to judge whether a person is sleeping or not. You can also decide whether to stop breathing while sleeping. In other words, I suffer from sleep apnea. This is the biggest addition to the tracker for hardware, but since we are updating the software to develop a sleep monitoring system, we can check sleep quality. Sleep seems to be at the center of this launch definitely.

Of course, it measures other typical things such as heart rate and activity. It should last up to 7 days with a single charge and will be connected with the phone via Bluetooth. Holders can receive notifications and on Android phones they can reply to messages using predefined messages. This device is posted on the Garmin web site and availability is estimated to be 3-5 weeks. The price is 129.99 dollars, there are 4 colors: gray, brown, blue and black.

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Garmin's new fitness tracker monitors your blood oxygen level

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