How To Get WiFi Password Without Rooting

Get WiFi Password Without Rooting – If you are one of that person who deals with some WiFi connections, it’s not possible to remember all of the passwords. Sadly, there aren’t any direct methods to see wifi password on android also. However, if you think finding WiFi password on Android is difficult to crack, you are wrong. You can do it as a walk in the park. WiFi Password Hacking From Android (No Root) is very easy and straightforward trick, but it changes into easy when your Android Phone Is Rooted. You don’t be scared if your android phone is root or not this method should be used for each. We all need to access free wifi in our colleges, society, and cities.

This method we’re going to use is not very hard, or you do not need to follow too many steps you can use some apps which are available on Google Play Store for free and are capable of hack Wi-Fi- password simply in just one minute.

Steps To Getting WiFi Password Without Rooting

Step 1. First of all, Install the Wi-Fi WPS WPA TESTER from Google Play Store and open the app.

WiFi Password

Wifi WPS TESTER: That is an excellent application for Android that can just breach in most of the Wifi passwords. Now,  Run this app on your device, all the networks will be automatically scanned by the app. Choose the Wifi network from the list that you only need to crack and then choose the Connect option from the popup that seems. This may ask you for the root or no root. Choose the no root method from there, and you will get a list of the pin. Choose any of the pins from this options and then tap on the Connect option. The app will automatically connect to the network.

This app can hack WPS & WPA routers. It can not Hack WPA2 Router to hack password. And it only supports Latest Version of Android, Android 5.O or later than it so your Android should be updated.

Step 2. Click the Refresh button it will show your available networks.

Step 3. If it shows a red icon after network name, then it can’t hack it, and if it shows a green icon, then it can hack the password.

Step 4. Choose the Green network.

Step 5. Now click on join automatic pin it will try to connect to the network with its designed algorithm and can take maximum 1 minute to show you the results.

Step 6. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

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