GetResponse vs. Infusionsoft: Deciding Which One is Best?

Digital marketing is the future of marketing. No business can sustain itself without proper marketing. Email marketing is one component of an excellent marketing campaign. However, managing all of the details for marketing can be complicated. This is why using a marketing automation software is beneficial.

Not only does using a software help manage and streamline all of the multiple details for your marketing, but it can save money as well. It decreases the number of employees you need for marketing, and it gives you more time to use for other ventures.

However, making the decision as to which software to use can be hard! There are so many companies who offer great features. GetResponse and Infusionsoft are two different companies who are well known for offering quality services. To help you decide, here are some comparisons.


No doubt, one of the most important features for you, as a business owner, is the price point for each company. Let’s take a look at how the companies match up.

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  • GetResponse has four package options for you to pick from. The package you select is going to depend on the how many subscribers you send emails. No matter the package you select, GetResponse doesn’t limit how many emails you send. This is a nice feature. Also, GetResponse requires no contracts, and you can cancel it at whenever you want. Here are how their packages line up.
    • Email (Great for Beginners): $15 per month – 1,000 subscribers
    • Pro: $49 per month – 5,000 subscribers
    • Max: $165 per month – 10,000 subscribers
    • Enterprise: $799 per month – 100,000+ subscribers
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  • Infusionsoft also offers four different packages to select. Deluxe, one of their packages, has two different options. So, it looks like there are five packages, but there are only four tiers. Infusionsoft has a limit of emails that can be sent out per month.
  • Essentials – $199 per month – 2,500 subscribers
  • Deluxe – $299 per month – 5,000 subscribers.
  • Complete – $379 per month – 10,000 subscribers
  • Team – $599 per month – 20,000 subscribers

It is clear that GetResponse offers a better deal than Infusionsoft. The price of GetResponse is more competitive. Infusionsoft’s Team level is cheaper than GetResponse’s Enterprise level. Unfortunately, it has a limit of how many emails can be sent out per month. If you manage a very large company, having a limit can be inconvenient.

Which is Easier to Use?

If you are a beginner, the ease of use is a factor, you will want to consider. GetResponse is designed to be easy to use. Their website is streamlined and made for beginners. This is a great feature; many times business owners aren’t IT or HTML savvy.

Infusionsoft is too hard for most beginners to use. They have a very simplified and minimalistic approach to their website. This could be fine for large companies who employ a specialist in the field.

Market Automation

When you are looking at software, market automation is an important feature. When you compare both companies, GetResponse has a very straightforward and easy to use a process to design the automation. One of the very nice features offered by GetResponse is their Autoresponder for emails. You can send birthday emails, auto responses, correspond with specific groups of people with this software, and more.

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Infusionsoft does offer market automation as well as auto-responders. The reason it doesn’t score as high as GetResponse is that it can be difficult to use. It isn’t for beginners. Also, they don’t offer the many customizable features of GetResponse’s auto-responder.

Extra Features

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GetResponse stands out in the area of extra features. Infusionsoft doesn’t offer as many extra features as GetResponse. For the price tag, one would hope they would get some additional features. GetResponse allows you to build landing pages, track your website traffic, auto respond to emails and build webinars. You can even have recurring webinars.

Which One Is the Best Selection?

Deciding which software is the best can be a hard decision. In the comparison between Infusionsoft and GetResponse, there aren’t any places that Infusionsoft shines against GetResponse. The price points of GetResponse are very competitive; Infusionsoft is too expensive for most beginning or small businesses.

GetResponse is easier to use. For new users, this is a great factor. Their website is nicely designed, and anyone can figure out the process to create email marketing and all the details to go along with it. Between Infusionsoft and GetResponse, the clear winner is GetResponse for your marketing needs.

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    Emily 09/16/2016 at 4:45 pm

    In this case, the pricing certainly makes a difference for small companies and startups! We’re using GetResponse marketing automation for a while now, but I think that I’d still choose it. I like the other features as well, because I have different tools in one.

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