Gift ideas for the gamer generation

It’s Christmas time and the need to buy presents for everyone is on us again. So many people, so few ideas. And, on top of that, such a little money available to spend as well. Inevitably some people are easier to buy for than others. The people that you like buying for tend to be the people who have similar interests and hobbies to you while those who have interests in different spheres can sometimes be impossible. It’s why things like alcohol and chocolates are fall-back staples, because no matter who you are buying for, they will probably enjoy those. It’s when you have to buy for family members who are polar opposites to you that often the ideas run out. So, if you find yourself having to buy for a gamer or computer geek, and you don’t know what to get, here are a few ideas.

Start cheap

Probably the cheapest item that you can get for a PC is a mouse. All computers will undoubtedly come with a mouse, but the question here is, does your target’s computer boast the best wireless gaming mouse available? If not, you might just have found yourself the perfect gift. So, ask around, find out what your gift recipient is using, and then surprise them with a gift they would never have seen coming. Because as much as you might not be able to tell one mouse apart from the next mouse, the truth is that they can be vastly different.

Virtual reality

VR headsets are becoming increasingly popular and as a result, they are getting ever cheaper as well. The quality range is vast and so is the price, so tailor your purchase according to the needs and expertise of the beneficiary. These are gifts that will work just as well for children as they will for seasoned gaming enthusiasts. They are not only great gifts for gamers, they also work well for watching videos that have been specially made for the virtual reality experience. If you find the right headset you are, quite literally, providing the gift of entertainment – hours and hours of it.

Computer boxes

The days of plain black or grey boxes for housing computers are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. Now you get all sorts of colorful designs or glass covered boxes into which the brains of the PC are fitted. Super hip and trendy and easy to install, help your gamer stand out from the crowd by gifting him or her a box with a little bit of added personality.

Memory sticks

Okay, so they are not the most exciting gifts, and perhaps a little bit last year now that so much data is stored online or in the cloud. But the reality is that memory sticks, be they external hard drives or USB flash drives, are still extremely handy. Granted you might not be winning Christmas with one of these, but they will fit a budget and they will come in handy. Certainly a better bet than a bottle of wine!

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