Google CEO Sundar Pichai cancels all-hands diversity meeting over safety concerns

Google has abruptly canceled the company-wide meeting, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, and that was supposed to deal with employee questions about the company’s diversity policies. The personal safety of Google employees was cited as the reason for the cancellation in a Pichai email sent to employees Thursday. Sundar Pichai said he had heard from several employees concerned about the online harassment they’d receive due to their names & questions being published by outside websites.

The software engineer Google fired this week for criticizing the company’s diversity policy is speaking out. He said in an interview with Bloomberg…

The reason behind the cancellation of Thursday’s meeting, Google plan to create another venue for employees to consider the matter.

“We’ll find the better way to help our employees connect &discuss these important issues further,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

Thursday’s all-hands meeting was intended to be the opportunity to calm the furor within the company by giving management a chance to deal with common questions and concerns. Employees got a chance to submit questions and to vote on which questions should be put to Google executives.

Sundar Pichai called the meeting in the wake of the firing of an engineer named James Damore, who wrote the 10-page manifesto titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” that argued a gender gap at Google exists not because of sexism, but because of “biological” differences between women and men. The memo went viral after being posted on an inside network and sparked outrage from Google employees.

Here is Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s full memo to Google employees announcing the cancellation…

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