Google Doodles: Google is 20 years old: 10 historical Indian doodles over the years

Google is 20 years old today. Every year, the company celebrates his birthday on 27th September. Like the search huge enterprise, Google's signboard was 20 years old this year. For the first time, our company's logo has been written for the first time (on August 30, 1998 for the first time) for nearly twenty years.

The first graffiti was done at the Burning Man festival and Google co – founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin used the company logo to introduce their presence at the Desert Burning Man Festival in Nevada. Duo placed a man behind the second "O" in Google words.

The revised logo was designed as a pleasing message to Google users that the founder was "absent". This is a way for ideas to decorate the company's logo to celebrate a remarkable event. Since then, Google's birthday celebrates important events, inventions, birthdays, death of character and so on.

According to the company, the creation of graffiti is now provided by the producer team (called the scribe leader) and the engineer. The goal is to animate Google's homepage and "make Google users smile all over the world".

The ten stories of 10 popular Google made for India over the past few years are as follows.

1. India Republic Day, 2018

2. R.K. Laxman's 94th Birthday

3. Dadasaheb Phalke's 148-year-old birthday

4. 81st anniversary of Nutan

Verghese Kurien's 94-year-old birthday

6. 140th anniversary of the 1st cricket test game

7. Memorial month of manga Ryan who entered the orbit of Mars

8. Anniversary of Mohandas Kalahand Gandhi

9. 160th anniversary of the first passenger train in India

10. M.F. Hussein's 100th Birthday

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