Google Fired 48 Employees For Sexual Harassment

SAN FRANCISCO – Google has announced in the past two years the dismissal of 48 employees for sexual harassment and has released them without compensation, a few hours after the announcement of an article allegedly protecting male executives charged with sexual misconduct, large sums of money to leave.

Thursday’s surprise announcement came in an email from CEO Sundar Pichai to Google employees. This was in direct response to a report in the New York Times that in 2014, the company fired sexual misconduct managers for its Android software and generously paid for his departure.

A spokesman for Andy Rubin, the former head of Android, said he had gone on his own and that he had never been told about sexual charges. Rubin acknowledges that he has amicable intercourse with Google employees who have not contacted him, thus meeting the restrictions set by Google’s policies at that time, said spokesman Sam Singer.

In his email, Pichai said that Google introduced stricter rules in 2015. Under these rules, all Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents of Google must disclose any relationship with an employee, even if they do not work in the same department or have any other potential conflict.

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