Google Would Force Manufacturers To Use Android 10 Gestures

Whether you like it or not, the new Android 10 gesture navigation system is here to stay, and Google would work hard to make sure it stays. The search giant can force manufacturers to use its gesture system instead of custom navigation options. 9to5Google has obtained a copy of the latest Google Mobile Services (GMS) agreement that manufacturers must comply with when they make Android devices with access to the Play Store and other Google apps and services.

According to 9to5, the document requires that any manufacturer who ships an Android device with GMS will need to have the new Android 10 gesture system or the standard three-button navigation system enabled. Also, any device that ships with the default gesture system must also support three-button navigation. 9to5 notes that Google has confirmed that device manufacturers would be able to continue to create custom navigation systems.

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However, the GMS document indicates that manufacturers can not offer custom navigation as the default option. Google also shows that device manufacturers can not publish custom navigation systems in the “Setup Wizard,” the software that guides users through the initial setup of the phone, or in any other way, for example through notifications or pop-ups.

Manufacturers who choose to add custom navigation systems should also bury the options more in-depth into the settings menu. Google suggests placing them in “Advanced” or similar sections.

Source 9to5mac

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