Google Home Hub Supports Duo, But Not For Two-Way Video Calls

When Google introduced the Home Hub's smart display earlier this month, it confirmed leaks and past renderings that showed the camera without a front camera.

Google says it has removed the camera to maintain privacy for the user. Of course, without a camera, Home Hub will not allow users to make two-way video conversations using Google's own duo application.

However, the Home Duo app can still use the Duo application to make unidirectional video calls.

If the person at the other end of the call has a video camera, you will see his live stream on the screen of your home hub. However, since there is no camera on Google's smart screen, the person at the other end of the call sees your profile picture instead of watching the video.

Google has released a support page called Making Video Calls on Google Home Hub. You can see this page by clicking on the following link. After following the instructions, you can initiate a video call with someone in your contact list by saying "Video call (contact name)".

While Google claims that the absence of a front camera on the Home Hub is a design choice to protect a user's privacy, it would have been difficult for Google to lower the price of its smart screen for competitive reasons.

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