Google is going to start rolling out a new format like basically everybody else

Every day, hundreds of millions people are interacting with the formats currently popularized through Snapchat's goals and filters, or a more general version of Instagram of the same format.

Well, here is Google. Google wants to search some of this behavior and image the results.

In corporate blogs, Google Images Engineering Director Cathy Edwards said that the format is further advanced after allowing some publishers to be created earlier this year. In today's news, Google says it will use artificial intelligence to create content that will live in search and image search results, which will first focus on celebrities and athletes.

"At the beginning of this year, Edwards cooperated with a project that announced open source libraries that anyone can create an open website," he says. "It's still too early, but many publishers have tried this format and are offering a visual way to get information from search and news to users … now using AI to search We are beginning to build this content intelligently.People – like celebrities and athletes – provide a visual overview of the facts of their life and important moments.

Image Source: Google

Google does not seem to be posting ads at the moment, but at an event for reporters in San Francisco, the company is going to give details to share this format in a few months.

"Google's vote of confidence is another sign that a relatively new format is here, Record The report adventured today. It is very popular with Facebook-owned applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp, and more than 400 million people use Instagram every day, and more people use it than Snapchat and Twitter.

In addition to announcing this format, Google also adds numerous updates to search engines today. CNBC A complete horizon tour is here. It includes, inter alia:

  • A new "activity map" is displayed at the top of the search result, and other pages are displayed.
  • "Collection" is a section of content saved from the activity map.
  • New 'Star Video' …


Hope you like the news Google is going to start rolling out a new format like basically everybody else. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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