Google Maps finally works with CarPlay

Since iOS 12 was released, Apple Maps is no longer the only option to navigate Apple 's CarPlay system.

Users of CarPlay now have the option of choosing between Google Maps and Apple Maps with updates released today on Google Maps. Other third party applications are in progress.

Thanks to the iOS 12 update that was announced yesterday, it became possible to incorporate Google map into CarPlay. Waze belonging to Google also has not announced the specific date of CarPlay's support yet, but we are planning to jump to CarPlay.

The CarPlay version of Google Maps is not shipped with Siri, but you can use Google's voice search with your app. With Google Maps, you can access all the pins and addresses stored in your Google Account so you can easily move to a popular destination.

Apple map and Google Maps

Apple map has been greatly improved in recent years as Apple Map improved mapping department. When Apple first started the map in 2012, it landed on an embarrassing belly flop. Early map problems, after painting terribly deformed landscapes, went to Alaska State Fairbanks Airport to reach people crossing one of the lanes.

Apple is currently redesigning the map application. The company uses a mapping van fleet to gather more data than ever to promote competition with Google Maps.

"We wanted to move to the next level," Eddy Cue said in an interview TechCrunch This summer. "We hope to become the best map application in the world.

Hope you like the news Google Maps finally works with CarPlay. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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