Google remotely changed the settings of the mobile phone running Android 9 Pie

Yesterday, someone using a Google Pixel cell phone or another device running Android 9 Pie realized that the battery saver function of this software was active. And, strangely, this happened when the phone was almost charged. It was not when the battery was running low. Reported Android fontInitially it seemed to be a kind of minor bug in the latest version of Android that was available only a few weeks ago. Some users thought that they just turned on the battery saver without noticing it.

But, in fact it was Google's failure.

Last night, I posted a message to Reddit. "In-house experiment to test more incorrectly placed battery saving function than expected than expected". Therefore, Google remotely and accidentally changed the customer of the phone configuration. Multiple staff Hatsuko I know the problem. "We restored the default setting of battery saver, please wait," the Pixel team wrote to Reddit and apologizes for the error.

This was not limited to Pixel's mobile phones. Devices including required phones, OnePlus 6, Nokia, and other devices that work with Pie (also in beta) will start the battery saver without user intervention. According to Google, when activated, battery saver:

  • Stop the application and update the contents until you open them
  • Stop using location information service when display is disabled
  • Prevent the application from doing something in the background
  • Delay some notifications

This may make you frustrated among users who do not even realize it.

Both Apple and Google have a means to force urgent updates and other changes to iOS and Android. This is an option necessary to ensure user safety, but this is not new. In 2008, Steve Jobs confirmed …

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Google remotely changed the settings of the mobile phone running Android 9 Pie

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