Google reportedly pays Apple $9 billion/year to remain the iPhone’s default search engine

When Apple first introduced the iPhone, the decision to use Google as the default search engine for Mobile Safari was basically convincing. Ultimately, Google at that time was definitely Google's dominant search engine, but Microsoft did not enter the market by June 2009. Despite intensifying competition in recent years, Google is still necessary. It is the best search engine on Earth. That is, Apple has already made iOS users change Mobile Safari's default search engine to Bing or DuckDuckGo.

But the importance of Google on mobile safari is not an advantage that Apple gives free to research giants. On the contrary, Google is paying a lot of money to enjoy the status as the default search engine for the iPhone and iPad. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of Google's revenue comes from search-based advertisements and the company is willing to pay astronomical fees to stay at the forefront of Safari Mobile.

It is interesting how much Google pays this benefit. The only official figure we saw was from the court documents in 2014 that it was revealed that Google had paid Apple a billion dollars a year as the default search engine status.

Since that time, analysts announced that annual compensation has increased significantly. A report last year that Google paid Apple more than $ 3 billion in 2017. Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall claims that Google can pay $ 9 billion to Apple in 2018 to put search engines at the heart of iOS user concern. The person in the hall was originally Internal business – Google and Apple are estimates only as they are cautious about this issue. In any case, Mr. Hall claims that the annual fee Google pays for Apple is increasing due to the increase in Google's search via Siri. In the future, Google will pay $ 12 billion to Apple in 2019, and Google will remain the default search option, Hall wrote.

Since the hall number looks very expensive, I would like to check the relationship with the necessary salinity. Anyway, in this respect Apple's relationship with Google is as useful as possible. From the Apple point of view, they inherently get free money. Meanwhile, Google likes …


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