Google will ditch Chrome’s most controversial feature with its next update

In addition to presenting one of the most important visual reviews Chrome saw earlier this month, Chrome 69 update added a variety of new features. Many of these changes were welcomed and Chrome's navigation experience was improved, but there has been a controversy since its discovery in particular. Chrome 69 automatically logs in to your Google Account with the Chrome browser each time you log in to Google's website. Not surprisingly, it turned over some feathers.

In a blog posted on Tuesday, Google announced that it will adapt this system in the next update based on user feedback. But first of all, even when Google automatically logs in to your Google Account, is not That means that Chrome sync, including your Hello and your activity, will also be enabled. In order to enable this function, you must always enable this function manually.

About controversy about connection, Google has added controls to the configuration menu. This allows anyone to easily sign in to Chrome. Disable this function.

"We believe that consistency in the connection will be useful for many of our users, but Zach Koch, Chrome's product manager, said," In a browser-based connection, I am adding a control to disable the connection.If you disable this feature, connecting to Google's website will not connect to Chrome.

Other changes include an updated user interface that makes it easy to activate synchronization (and facilitate activation or deactivation) and the ability to clear authentication cookies. (This is another stop point for the user). update). Chrome 70 needs to start in mid-October. If you are not satisfied with the redesign proposed by Chrome 69, there is a simple editing procedure.


Hope you like the news Google will ditch Chrome’s most controversial feature with its next update. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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