Google's Chinese search engine prototype links search results to phone numbers

As part of a new search service that meets the censorship requirements of the Chinese government, Google is planning to create a prototype system that links the Google search of Google users to the private phone number. L & # 39; intercept He writes that the Android application & # 39; Dragonfly & # 39 ;, a secret project that was revealed by the whistleblower the previous month, will link to the user's phone number, making it easier to track individual user queries .

This guidance is added to the Dragonfly blacklist, such as & # 39; Human Rights & # 39 ;, & # 39; Student Protest & # 39 ;, & # 39; Nobel Prize & # 39 ;. L & # 39; intercept Replacement of air pollution and climate outcomes by potentially changing data from Chinese sources is "inherently difficult".

Google did not confirm the existence of Dragonfly and refused to comment on the project report. (He did not respond immediately to the request for comments for this latest news.) They say he "does nothing" because he "explored" work on Chinese research services. He did not prepare to launch research products in the country.

These reports, however, raise internal and external objections. Approximately 1,400 Google employees signed a letter requiring detailed information about this project, which is secretly like a Chinese company.

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Google's Chinese search engine prototype links search results to phone numbers

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