Gordon Murray Design announces future chassis system

Gordon Murray busy For a 70 – year – old man. After succeeding as a racing car designer, in addition to the motive power of iconic McLaren F1, Gordon Murray Design and Gordon Murray Automotive were established. There, Murray worked hard to develop a new way to build a car that hopes to be lighter, stronger and safer than traditional methods. He called iStream technology and announced the latest version called iStream Superlight on Tuesday.

Mrray says, " "The new approach to iStream Superlight is a revolutionary innovation for the global automotive industry," This is a breakthrough product that provides the lightest chassis technology for decades "The team at Gordon Murray Design Has created unique, scalable and cost-effective ways for manufacturers worldwide to greatly improve performance and performance. Efficiency of the vehicle. "

iStream Superlight uses tubular aluminum frames and honeycomb panels for recycled carbon fibers to create a lightweight and durable chassis.

iStream begins with a lightweight but rigid tubular aluminum frame and the recycled carbon fiber composite panel creates a car body structure. These panels draw most of their strength from the honeycomb structure incorporated inside the panels. This is similar to the type of construction used in the Formula 1 car, it has very modular advantages, in addition to both strengths …

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Gordon Murray Design announces future chassis system

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