Hacker gets a whopping 14 years in prison for running Scan4You service

Ruslan Bondars (a 37-year old Latvian man) set up and operated a service called Scan4You that a malicious writer can see the malicious code detection rate, and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

In the Infoec department, Scan4You is what security researchers and malware writers call "anti-virus" or "non-distribution scanner".

Scan4You functions like Google's legitimate VirusTotal web service because it consolidates the scan engines of multiple antivirus providers and allows users to check files at the same time. I am using several antivirus programs. The only difference lies in not allowing Scan4You to report the results to the vendor on the antivirus engine, but keeping only malware detection.

Malware authors have used services such as Scan4You to test malware before launching malware for real mode campaigns. We refine code to avoid detection.

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According to Trend Micro's report released earlier this year, Bondars launched Scan4You in 2009 in this model and soon became the most popular service on the market.

According to Trend Micro, Scan4You was the most popular non-delivery scanner.

Cyber ​​security company said that when you ran Scan Duns, Bondars recently committed the same mistake as all malware writers when setting up scanners other than dispatchers.

Although Bondars had prevented file scan reports from antivirus engines, he and many other businesses forgot to block Trend Micro engine URL scanning reports.

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Trend Micro has reported that it received a URL reputation analysis request from services like Scan4You for nearly five years. It is in a malicious state before being launched.

Trend Micro says it shares some of these findings with law enforcement agencies such as FBI as more and more data is accumulated. Even before the arrest of Bondars, the British authorities arrested and sentenced a man operating a similar service called reFUD.me.

Bondars was arrested in collaboration with Jurijs Martisevs in May 2017. Two men were arrested in Riga in Latvia, accused of being banished to the United States and launching Scan 4.

According to court documents, …

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