Harvest from a herd to the backyard

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I am wearing long sleeve shirts, thick goat gloves, a baler helmet with a bale thread under two sturdy white jackets and two pairs of pants. I look like a combination of Michelin Man and Buzz Lightyear.

Early in the morning, my husband brought a bee box to our farm, "nuc" (abbreviated as "nuke" and abbreviated as the core of the colony). And this time it is time to transfer this honey to our hive. Bring it. Despite my protection, my hands are trembling and my nervous sweat comes out of my forehead just like I do not want to react. In addition to feeling horrible emotions, in response to sudden nerve movements, when a bee suffers, she sends an "attack pheromone" to warn others that the closet is being threatened.

For about 10 years, I cultivated fruits and vegetables in my garden in Northern California and raised chickens. But I have one thing to make progress with beekeeping. It works well with me … it is terrible to be stabbed.

Flow · Hive · Deathly 0626

Bees form combs in the lower frame of the flowing basket.

This is me Flow honey Early this year. It promises to harvest bees with "minimal confusion" instead of traditional honey. Vienkoff, which began as a basic movement 3 years ago, is the birth of Stewart and Cedar Anderson, beekeepers of Australian beekeepers.

I thought that a better way to harvest honey was better than I thought.

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Harvest a flock of garden

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