Headphone Buying Guide 2018 – How to buy headphones in 2018

Update - 2017.11.12

Headphone Buying Guide 2018 – The best pair of headphones can make or break your musical journey. They help improve the audio that comes out of your media player, smartphone or gaming device, so you will need to ensure you have acquired the best sound and the correct fit.

So many components affect the sound you hear via headphones. Headphones are practically as crucial for determining sound quality because the device they are plugged into.

But sometimes it appears you need an audio engineer to make an informed buy. On the contrary. However, it is worth putting in a little analysis to seek out the best sound quality with the right combination of personal listening features.

If you are out there for a brand new pair, here are some tips to take the mystery out of the purchase. Think about these points and you can find the best headphones for you.

Headphone Styles

Earbud Headphones

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Earbuds are the headphones that generally come packaged with your music player. This type is cheap and light-weight, which is helpful for music listeners on the go. They are designed to sit on the outside of your ear canal which might make them prone to falling out. Plus, they are not perfect for blocking out sound and audio can often be tinny sounding.

In-ear Headphones

Best Headphones Buying Guide

To bring out the complete potential of your digital tunes, in-ear headphones are an excellent selection. Typically, they are more expensive than earbuds but are capable of producing powerful, bass-rich audio that may rival full-size headphones but without all the bulk. They are designed to fit snugly in your ear canal, similar to a pair of earplugs, which helps to block out exterior noise.

On-ear Headphones

Best Headphones Buying Guide

On-ear headphones are smaller and extra manageable than their circum-aural cousins while nonetheless offering huge sound. Most on-ear headphones are closed-back and supply decent noise isolation if they match well on the ear.

Full-size Headphones

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Full-size headphones bring big drivers and, therefore, massive spacious sound to the party. Open-backed full-size headphones are among the best sounding headphones out there, but they supply little, if any, passive noise isolation. With an excellent seal around the ear, closed-back models present better passive noise-blocking but watch out for tubby bass.

Headphone Features

Volume Limiting

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Portable devices like iPads, MP3 players, and the like are all able to outputting sound at a level high sufficient to damage your listening to. While adults know higher and turn the volume down, kids often do not.

As adults, we are aware of the danger of damaging our listening to by using power tools without ear safety or cranking up headphones to skull-rattling levels, but kids are oblivious to the long-term risk of such exposure.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Noise canceling headphones use microphones and a few fancy processing to create an opposite sound wave than the one that is headed for your eardrum. This inverse wave is sent through the headphone driver, and if it is performed correctly, the inverse wave cancels the intruding sound wave. For example, while, on an airplane, the headphones send out an inverted wave to cancel the engine noise.

In an ideal world, which means the wave is canceled altogether, and you do not hear the noise at all.

Bone Conduction

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Bone conduction is the ability to hear sounds by conducting the vibrations directly to your inner ear, bypassing the middle and outer ears. Through this process, you may listen to sounds underwater, with your ears closed, and while others are speaking. Bone conducting earphones are relatively costly, For instance, bone conducting headphones are an excellent option for joggers who wish to listen to music but still want to be able to hear traffic. Some bone-conducting headphones are specifically designed for underwater use so you may listen to music while swimming. Additionally, many users claim that with bone conduction, there may be less temptation to turn the volume up extra loud, resulting in less ear strain.


Best Headphones Buying GuideBest Headphones Buying Guide

Biometric headphones allow you to monitor your heart rate, distances and calories burned right from your ears. It might sound like future tech, for a lot of users, headphones are already a part of their sports apparel, so adding heart rate sensors just makes sense.

Wireless Headphones

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Portable Bluetooth headphones represent the next evolution in headphone technology. If you have a suitable smartphone with Bluetooth, the apparent profit is that you may get rid of the wires snaking from your backpack, purse, or pocket.

Right Headphone for Your Intended Use

Headphones For Home

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Enjoyment is essential at home. Whether you want heavy bass or a lot of trebles, you may set up your audio equipment to provide the sound you need at home. Most of it’s the personal choice, and so long as you enjoy what you hear, that is all that matters. Commercial headphones are designed to boost and cut specific frequencies to make music sound higher.

Headphones For Sports and Fitness

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Sports and fitness headphones have a wide range of features to ensure you can wear them while working out. Most are sweat proof, some are designed to remain firmly in your ear while moving, others are fully wireless, and a few can even measure your heart rate by your ear. Selecting the best pair for you depends on the workouts you will be doing.

Headphones For Work

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Within the modern workplace, audio wants can create a unique set of demands. Open office settings current novel acoustical challenges. The proper equipment is essential to make sure efficient production. Environmental noise usually interferes with focus and productivity, but there’s the necessity for rural accessibility. Full sound isolation can mean the loss of essential awareness. At the same time, background noise may cause distraction and decreased output. The right selection of headphones for the workplace can be a vital part of the successful execution of this balancing act.

Headphones For Studio

Best Headphones Buying Guide

A mighty thing to consider when buying a pair of headphones for studio use is whether they produce flat sound or have been designed to increase and reduce specific ranges of sound artificially. Clarity and accuracy are more important in the studio.

Headphones For DJs

Best Headphones Buying Guide

DJ headphones designed for correct reproduction on the high volume levels wanted to compete with live sound systems. Most feature earcups that can be rotated to face outward for single-ear monitoring and some include microphones as nicely.

Headphones For Fashion and Lifestyle

Best Headphones Buying Guide

In-ear headphones are traditionally the most well-liked type for on-the-go use, but lately, it becomes stylish to sport colorful on-ear or over-ear cans in public. Firms like Beats by Dr. Dre, Skullcandy, Monster, and Soul by Ludacris have developed bold, eye-catching designs that turn excessive constancy into high fashion.

Headphones For Gaming

Best Headphones Buying Guide

Whether you are in search of a gaming headset to take your Xbox One, PC or PS4 multiplayer gaming to the next stage or something that will work across all of your devices, you will need one of the best gaming headsets for your needs.

Headphones For Kids


Best Headphones Buying Guide

Selecting the best headphones for your kids is vital because utilizing the wrong headphones could completely harm children hearing. You also need to consider fit, comfort, and design but also limit the period a child uses headphones whatever the volume.

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