Here are some of the documentaries you can on Apple Music

Starting on August 10 Rainbow It is the part behind the Kesha album of the same name. However, it is not uncommon to be a "three-dimensional work of art" interwoven with "psychedelic vignette" about Kesha's struggle against him, as well as welcoming a year after his companion. Anxiety, depression. Also includes scenes of writing, recording, and performance.

Directed by Mary Cummings, he continues to his cousin songwriter, Pop Ed Sheeran during tours and recordings. In 2016, Flashback for the youngest of Sheeran playing various instruments is included.

He will be noted for the lack of interviews and will see limited theatrical performances in New York on August 17th and Los Angeles on August 24th.

Give me a future

Since the US rebuilt diplomacy with Cuba, this movie is developing mainly in Major Razor Concert in Havana in 2016, hosted first by major American groups. Approximately 400,000 people attended.

On record: Flicker

One Direction, a small promotional article on the first solo album by members of Niall Horan. Fans can interview, rehearse, record, play.

Record: P! Nk – Beautiful trauma

As Sway, Beautiful trauma is another promotion of behind-the-scenes album, this time Popstar P! Nk. Although contents are similar, since it is a little raw, the parent's discretion is promoted.

stroke! Bad Berns

Although Bart Bern may not be famous in itself, during his career he writes music played by bands like Van Morrison, Beatles, Rolling Stones. This film is co-directed by Bern's son, Brett, but he is never afraid of Burt's bonds.

Steve Van Zandt talks and has some features …

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