Heres how Apple, Google, and Microsoft can stop robocalls

Robocalls. Oh, I hate them. You know what I am talking about. They come from phone numbers that can not be proved. It is usually a person who is trying to sell things that you do not want, such as fraud, credit cards, creams.

And if you are fortunate to have humans. Generally, I get a place where you pick up the phone and you suddenly hear a phone that dials another number. Finally, the other party picks up or displays a prerecorded message and a voice prompt.

In addition, Google, Apple, AT, T etc join Robokole's "offensive power"

It's enough to make you crazy.

Even if your number registers in the state and federal "Do not Call" list, it will not help, they will always call you.


Various anti-spam tools for mobile devices such as Robokiller, Nomorobo, Truecaller are designed. These tools are trying to improve the situation by creating a blacklist using crowdsourcing and transferring calls

I assume a central anti-spam command like NORAD or US Cyber ​​Command. (Image: ZDNet)

Application is theoretically superior. The problem is that as soon as you report numbers you are like playing a big cock, new things bother you, often lying fairly legitimate numbers. And the reporting process is not really user friendly either.

In the near future, there is no solution to this problem. However, it is possible to end this once and all over.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, three major companies in mobile and enterprise computing, can solve this problem by creating a special working group that can take advantage of collective user base through massive crowdsourcing. We will create a separate call network that is different from the existing telephone network we have been using for decades.

Also here is all you can do to stop an automated CNET call

Ultimate Big Data Exercise

I think that participants who do everything using authenticated users and APIs do not work well, creating access to this network will make it very easy to overcome access to this network, creating a three-party virtual communication provider I propose.

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