Hey, Netflix: Call Disney Streaming Service with a new name

Movies like Freeze will leave Netflix for Disney's services in 2019.

In the battle of streaming giants, we now have Netflix 's opponent' s name.

According to Variety Friday's report, Disney's "Netflix-Murder" streaming platform will be called "Disney Play".

A long time has passed since the first announcement about Disney's new subscription service Last August. This will require Disney to withdraw the movie from the Netflix platform and forward it to its own service, which will be launched in 2019. These movies include Marvel and Pixar movies such as Moana, Frozen, Toy Story 4 and Ant – Man, Wasp. The studio bought under the umbrella of the giant.

Fortunately for Netflix fans this does not include things like Marvel TV Daredevil And Jessica JonesThis will remain in the streamer.

Disney CEO Bob Iger knows that Netflix's monthly fee is as low as $ 8 to $ 14 and CEO says that general services are Disney's biggest priority in 2019.

Despite his challenger, Netflix is ​​still very strong: He overtook Disney It is the world's largest media company in May Disney$ 15.2 billion.

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Hey, Netflix: Call Disney Streaming Service with a new name

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